Who publishes their own diary entry??

Paul and I have a small group that we meet with every few weeks.  It started as a formal “microchurch" that we were invited to, but Paul isn’t typically excited about organized “events", so he fought me on the issue! The group wasn’t even a part of the church we attend, but I really wanted to go. It took about a year of being invited over and over until I finally convinced Paul to give it a try.  Now, three years later, it’s hard to even describe how impactful this group has been on our lives.  There are six of us. Well, six adults… plus SEVEN children. So as the children run and scream and play through the house, we sit around the dinner table, almost shouting at each other in conversation. It’s loud; but it’s awesome. We talk about life, love and God.  We’ve tackled the most uncomfortable conversations that most would never consider having out loud... we challenge each other to be better spouses, better parents, better lovers, better givers and better believers.  They help me realize that I’m not "the only one", and they inspire me to be the best version of myself.  

On the evening of December 30th, 2017, during small group, my precious friend Sabrina said to me, "Kristin, Paul will give you the world".

She stopped me in my tracks.  I was speechless...  Why did she feel compelled to say this?

So I feel quite vulnerable doing this, but I’m going to share with you what I journaled later that night.  As odd as it is to publish your own “diary” entry, I feel like I need to. Here it goes…

12.30.17 Sabrina told me tonight, “Kristin, Paul will give you the world”. I heard her.  I heard this message.  I am so grateful for my husband.  I trust him.  I don’t deserve him.  He loves us so much.  I need to tell him what I see in him.  I see the truth in his character and I need to remind him of this truth.  I have possibly the greatest influence on him than any other person in the world.  Am I using the influence I have as his wife in a way that empowers and strengthens him?  Do I build him up?  A man is only as strong as his wife tells him he is.

I’ve given you the four elements of a Blessing:  Meaningful Touch, A Spoken Message, Expressing High Value and Picturing a Special Future.  Now, I will give you the glue that holds them all together.  You have to have an active commitment to see the blessing come to pass in their lives.

I was reminded that December night that just giving my husband a Blessing once a year on a birthday isn’t enough.  It’s not enough for my children, my friends, or anyone else.  I believe Paul will give me and our children the world.  Sabrina spoke truth that night.  I must tell Paul over and over again that I trust him and that I believe in him.  If I’m missing this one component, all the others lose their power.

This morning though I definitely did NOT wake up with the mindset of “blessing" my husband.  I woke up late; I stomped around; I barked at the boys because they weren’t moving fast enough... listen, we all have these moments!  But my hope is that I can stop you in your tracks the way Sabrina stopped me.  Someone needs YOU to give them the world.  Sound too overwhelming?  It’s not.  Give them the words and you’ll give them the world.

Let’s speak the blessing.

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