The Question That Haunts Me

After Paul and I first published “The Blessing Project”, I received a question that still haunts me. I was asked, “Kristin, how do you give a Blessing when you’ve never received one?” I’m still trying to answer to this question. Because for this person, whom she’d most like to receive a Blessing from is no longer alive.

I was nineteen years old when I saw the first Privette Blessing. I sat in the living room of the Privette’s barely 1200 square foot house… take that number in for a second and imagine raising seven children in that amount of space. I watched Joshua receive a Blessing.  I’ve shared this before, but I was scared to death they would ask me to say something!  Thankfully they did not.  To most people, definitely including myself, speaking like this is not necessarily “normal”. But while knowing this family for almost 20 years, I am a testament that it can be learned.  While I am still not the greatest at sharing my feelings aloud, what I can do is tell you how to formulate the words and build a Blessing. But for those of you who will never receive the Blessing from the person you’d cherish it from most, learning how to give a Blessing will be a very different journey.

So today’s post is a little different than normal. I have three questions for you.  I want you to either email me your answers at, private message them to me on Facebook, or even text me if you have my cell phone number.  Whether it’s a simple answer or a detailed one, I’d sincerely love to hear from you. You can answer one, or you can answer all...

Question One - I’m curious about your family.  Can you tell me how spoken words were used in your family?

Question Two - Is it more helpful for you to hear examples of giving the Blessing, or would you like to have something written that you can use as a guide?

Question Three - I’m assuming you are reading this because you are interested in how to give a Blessing. Is there any part of this that you are worried about doing?

I am 100% confident that if you’ve been following this blog and sharing this journey with me, that it’s for a reason. I need to hear from YOU. Someone else following needs to hear YOUR story, not just mine. And knowing your stories will help me truly understand how to teach the world to give the Blessing.

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