An Unexpected Benefit of Running


I really enjoy running.  I’m not fast, nor do I care to be.  I enjoy running because I’m all by myself!  I plug in my ear buds, pick a podcast, and hit the road.  Listening to music has never been my favorite thing...  I get bored fast.  But a podcast or audiobook keeps me focused and I forget about the heat and pain!  

There is one podcast I follow with a guy who is ridiculously funny, sometimes unfortunately a little crude, but most of the time 100% right on whatever he’s ranting about.  He’ll get me laughing so hard that I have to stop running, grab my knees and bend over in a belly laugh.  I wonder if cars driving by think this poor girl on the sidewalk needs medical assistance!

He recently shared about the "shortage mentality". He described this as a mindset where when someone else is successful, you take a hit emotionally because you worry there may not be enough success to go around.  If they’re successful, then maybe you can’t be.  Instead of rejoicing with them you feel fear and disappointment.  I think at one point in my life I struggled with this.  I didn’t realize I was allowing my mind to go to this negative place.  It was unintentional, but happening none the less.  The truth is that there is an abundance of success for all of us.  Actually, the more you are around success, the better chances you have of being successful yourself. 

I want to take it a step farther now and speak to others what I see is successful or impressive about them.  I want it to become a habit; when I see success I want to praise the person for it.  That can sometimes be a challenge though. You have to spend time really looking at someone.  Not literally, that would be rude… but I want to search for gifts in others.  And I guarantee you, if I look for it, I will find it.

On another podcast I listened to on a recent run, the speaker shared about being a "bucket filler".  She described this kind of person as one who fills others up with their words of positivity, love and encouragement.  I loved this visual, or word picture! The opposite she described as a "bucket depleter”.  Sadly, this person sucks you dry with negativity.  I want to be a bucket filler. I want to genuinely celebrate the success of others and perhaps even be a part of helping them achieve it.

Last week I described what word pictures are and how we can use them to give a Blessing.  Polly, Paul’s younger sister, shared with me a word picture her father once gave her during a Blessing...

"Polly, you will be a tree whose branches will offer shade and shelter for many."

What a beautiful picture of how he sees his daughter!  And if you know Polly, you understand why her father sees this gift in her.  So my challenge for all of us today... remember there is an abundace of success, so let's start telling people what’s really cool about them.  Fill their bucket.  

And consider going for a run. It’s good for your heart.  Message me if you choose a podcast.  I’d love to hear what you’re listening to.

Next week I will share the fourth element of the Blessing.  I think this one will come easy to you.  We’re getting close to when I ask you the question... when will you give a Blessing?  We’re not there yet, but it's coming. 

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