A message this young boy heard and believed


I’m hoping that by now you have a picture in your mind of what giving a Blessing looks like.  Your hand is on the person you are giving the Blessing to, and you are saying out loud why they are valuable.  Sounds simple doesn't it?  It actually IS that simple.  Yet, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not a little scary.  Paul told me recently that a friend of ours shared with him she’s hoping to give the Blessing to her family this Christmas.  I didn’t get to speak with her yet, but I can guarantee you she’s a bit nervous.  And that’s absolutely normal for most of us!  Reaching out and grabbing someone’s hand, looking them in the eyes, and speaking words you know they will hear with their heart isn’t an easy task.  But you’re reading this blog for a reason.  I predict because you know you will eventually have to do it.

Today I want to explain one profound piece of expressing high value.  It is a way we can really get a person to see their potential.  We can speak a future into someone in a way they will visualize it, and therefore believe that it can be true.

Malcolm Privette told Paul throughout most of his childhood, "Paul, you will be the head and not the tail".  These words are what the authors of "The Blessing" call word pictures.  Paul’s father created a visual of Paul’s future in a way that a young child could hear it; then as an adult, Paul would see it.

For those of you who know Paul well, you know that he is very happy with a seat in the back.  When his family is on stage singing, he’s happy to stand towards the back and let others lead.  He’s quiet, he’s soft spoken, and he sincerely likes being a supportive role in most circumstances.  Paul will admit that for most of his life he thought he just wasn’t cut out to be a leader.  He rarely felt the need to express his thoughts. He felt uncomfortable telling people what to do, even when they needed him to, and he had a deep fear of speaking in front of people, no matter how large or small the group.  This is the Paul I met when we were kids in college.  This was the Paul I married.  But this is no longer the Paul I know.  Something changed in Paul’s heart and mind in the last couple years.  He heard and accepted the words of his father. He finally saw himself as "the head and not the tail".  

Paul goes every Sunday with his father to the jail.  They bring a guitar and a message.  Paul speaks to these men without fear.  He shares the gospel, and a message of hope.  God gave him a voice and a confidence that these men need to hear.  And I believe even the world may need too.

Malcolm Privette gave Paul for more than 30 years a picture of what he saw Paul could be.  Malcolm saw that Paul would be a leader.  Paul’s leadership may look different than others, but Paul is ok with that.  He knows he’s the head of his family.  He’s the head of his voice.  He’s the head of his ministry.  He is a different man.  I respect him greatly and am so proud of him.  


Last week I gave you homework ... I asked for you to send someone a message sharing what you admire about them.  Today’s homework is easier.  Think about either one of your children or one of your parents.  Can you picture an everyday object that reminds you of them? I’m not sure if something good or bad will come to your mind!  But that's ok.  If you’re willing, message me what came to your mind, good or bad.  We’ll address these thoughts in the next post.  

Kristin Privette