Their Mother Deserves a Birthday Blessing


I originally had other plans for today's post.  But as I sat here early this morning with my coffee and computer, finishing up what I had planned to post, I got a text message about dinner plans for tonight.  Then it struck me! I have a WAY more important story that I should share today. So I'm starting over...

Today is the birthday of a precious friend of mine.  She is one of the most incredible women I know.  Her two young boys are the same ages as Win and Brasher.  A few years ago, in a matter of a few months, she unwillingly found herself as a single mom.  She fought to save her marriage and was willing to forgive infidelity; but the marriage was forced to come to an end.  With two confused and sad little boys in tow, she packed up and came home where she would be surrounded by people who would love her.

What this woman has gone through are the kinds of things I have nightmares about.  I honestly can't imagine anything more painful than if Paul left me and our boys.  And this is what she lives with every day.  She works nights so that she can be a part of her boys' days.  She takes them to baseball practice and fencing and karate... all the things that I have a hard enough time doing WITH the help of my spouse AND after having a full night's sleep!  Yet somehow, with grace and sacrifice, she is giving her boys the best life she possibly can.  They are driving down to Disney once a month, hiking and having adventures, camping and so much more.  I really don't know how she does it.  But what I do know is that she is an incredible mother.  And one day, her boys will "rise up and call her blessed".

So today I will write a Blessing for her.  And I will speak these words tonight at her birthday dinner...

My precious friend.  You are one of the most incredible women I know.  You have been given a very heavy load to bear.  I stand here today and honestly say that I couldn't do what you do.  You wake up after a few hours sleep and spend your entire day making sure your boys do not miss out on anything.  You are even the "cool mom"!  Your boys are smart and funny and love life because you have taught them how.  I am constantly amazed at your giving heart.  I am inspired as I watch you move through this life that you did not choose with strength and even grace.  Your boys know how much you love them.  You have created two very secure and happy little boys.  One day they will see the whole truth.  They will see that you sacrificed everything for them.  They will realize what you had to endure so that they could live a normal life.  You will change generations of your family because of this.

I believe that there will be a man who comes into your life exactly when he needs to.  He will love you and love your boys with all of his heart.  He will love Disney and Star Wars and adventures just like the three of you do!  I pray for this man a lot, even though I don't know him yet.  

Today we celebrate the birthday of a woman whom God gifted with incredible strength, compassion and grace.  You are loved by so many.  We are so incredibly proud of you. I'm honored to be your friend and I can't wait to see what amazing things God has in store for you and your boys.  I love you!