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"Our hope is that this video gives a glimpse of the excitement we have for this project. please don't leave this page without understanding the importance of speaking into the lives of those you love."




“This project is important to me on a very personal level.  It’s meant to tap into the power of the spoken word, by speaking into someone the gifts, the strengths and the future you see in them.  I remember from a young age my parents praying these words from the Bible over me, as they did all of my siblings, “That he would be the head and not the tail...” Those words impact my day to day life even now, and have shaped the man that I am. And that was just one sentence!  So I challenge you to be intentional with your words. Not only through this photography project, but every day.  We have the ability to give strength, peace and hope. We can give wings to even the wildest of dreams. But even more than that, you can give purpose.”  Paul Privette



Our promise to your family is that you will walk away with a treasured experience.  We feel that our ten years of photographing children and families have brought us here.  Thank you for allowing us to share this personal part of our lives with you. As artists and firm believers in the importance of the Blessing, it is our honor to give you this experience. Generations of the Privette family have been impacted because of the Blessing. May it also impact your family in a remarkable way. 



This is a family affair.  Your family will join ours as we create an unforgettable experience that we hope you will treasure for a lifetime. There will be two sessions.  One is exclusively for the special person receiving the Blessing. The second session will be for family or friends involved in giving the Blessing.  We will guide you through getting ready for your sessions including location, wardrobe and styling. Most importantly, we will guide you through the process of learning how to give the Blessing. On the same day as your family session, we will video each member sharing their Blessing. We will be by your side the entire time helping make this part simple yet meaningful. Both your recorded messages and your book will be displayed in the Blessing Box. May this be a treasured keepsake for your family for generations to come. 





Please tell us about the person you'd like to give the Blessing to.  Or if you have questions about the Blessing as a concept, and perhaps want to incorporate a tradition like this in your home, send us a note.  We sincerely can't wait to hear from you.