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I recently asked Paul if he could do a session for me and our boys.  I wanted this to be my Mother’s Day present.  Believe it or not, our first picture of our family since our third son was born was just taken over this past Easter weekend!  Terrible, I know!

I told Paul I had a specific vision of what I wanted the pictures to look like, but I had NO idea how he’d pull it off.  He said, “Ok... explain.”

I asked him if he could describe what a memory looks like, what would it be?  He said, “Hmmm.”  I went on...

Can we create a portrait that looks like you’re peeking in on a moment? The setting is a little obscure because we can’t really remember where the memory took place, but we can remember who was a part of it.  The light is soft and airy almost like a dream.  Paul sat quietly, thinking.  

I’m so in love with the stages our boys are in right now.  I wish I could freeze time.  Can these portraits look like my memories of this stage?

We were driving at the time, so Paul just stared silently at the road ahead.  Nothing more was said.

But two nights later, right about the time the baby gets happy because he doesn’t want to go to sleep, Paul began creating a set, in our own living room, that was different than anything he had ever designed. He hadn’t stopped thinking about how he could create a portrait that looked like a memory.  And he had finally figured it out.  

We turned on the “Sing” soundtrack and snuggled and played while Paul worked his magic.  It was precious and easy because all I had to do was have a “sweet moment” with each of my boys.  I love these portraits so much.  They look completely different than anything Paul has ever done and they turned out better than I could’ve ever dreamed of.


We would cherish the opportunity to share this with your family.  We’d love to freeze time and capture your memories.