Photographer & Designer

-How Paul feels about her

What can I say about Kristin? You know how people say "my better half"? Well she's more like "my better 9/10ths." I've never seen a woman accomplish so much in the fleeting 24 hours we have everyday. 

I'm more of a big picture guy. Kristin notices the little things, the details that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. She has a powerful sense of what makes a woman look beautiful in a photograph. I think her greatest gift as a photographer is the way she can put you at ease, even in the craziest (and wonderful) days of your life. She has an eye for beautiful things, and everything she touches shows that. She has a background in graphic design, and loves designing books and all of the other fun things that come along with a dream job. Did I mention she's motivated? You will love meeting her!