This first consultation is relaxed, easy and all about YOU!  

  • You will meet with a team member (probably get coffee with Kristin or Alyson)
  • Discuss your vision for your wedding day
  • Peruse through some example wedding books so you can be inspired
  • Look at our wedding collections

ENGAgement session!

  • Every couple is different so there’s no certain time to have your engagement session. We can do it whenever you want!  We’ll help you with location ideas, wardrobe inspiration and getting ready details.  There’s more tips on engagement sessions here.


  • This typically occurs about one month before your wedding day.
  • Our goal for this meeting it to talk through how you’d like the course of the day to look. Do you want to do a first look?  Which pictures would you like do after the ceremony?  What happens after your entrance into the reception… we’ll hash out all your options!
  • We'll help you create a photo timeline that makes you breathe a sigh of relief and make sure we know all your must haves.



...The best part!  

  • Our hope is that when we walk into the room the morning of the wedding that we feel like your friends arriving, not just your photographers. 
  • While you experience every treasured moment of your wedding day, we'll be photographing them in the most beautiful and artistic way.
  • This will be one of the best days of your life and we’re honored to be by your side.



The Reveal...the second best part!

  • This typically occurs a few weeks after the wedding.  You and your fiancé will see your pictures for the first time and get to relive your wedding day.
  • We get to start designing your wedding book!

The design process

  • This is when the magic really starts to happen. We will masterfully retouch your pictures and design your story moment by moment.
  • Some couples enjoy choosing the favorite pictures for the book while others like to let us play. What ever you decide is perfectly okay with us!
  • Once the first design of your book is created, you get to sit with us and make sure every spread is perfect.
  • We send your designs to Italy and your book is printed and assembled by hand. 


  • You'll meet with us again, this time we give you your very own custom wedding book that perfectly captures every moment of your wedding day.
  • You can view examples of other couple's wedding books here.