A New Christmas Tradition?

Today is actually a very special day.  Don’t you know? Today is a holiday too!  Well, at least for my family it is.  When we were kids, someone made the comment that the day before Christmas Eve should be called Christmas “Adam”... get it?  Adam came before Eve... haha!  Well, it stuck.  If you called our house on December 23rd, we’d answer, “Merry Christmas Adam!”  And now I get a series of texts from my sisters and parents wishing everyone a Merry Christmas Adam.  It’s even spread to a few of my high school and college girlfriends who now celebrate this holiday with their families and often remember to message me on this day every year.  So there you go... I’d like to give you one more special day to add to your holiday celebrations!  Merry Christmas Adam!

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at the Privette table for Sunday lunch.  Sunday lunch is often big crowd.  All the Privette siblings, spouses and children fill the house easily, but the fun part is all of us mention to different friends at church each week that they should come to lunch too. No one knows who the others are inviting so poor Dee never really knows how many people she’ll be feeding on any given Sunday!  Somehow though, and she says this often, God always multiplies.  

On this particular Sunday, Dee, all the sisters, and the sister-in-laws were sitting at a table with a close family friend who is often invited to join us.  She asked us all what family traditions we have for Christmas morning.  She was looking for ideas to do with her husband and son.  A few of the girls shared their holiday stories and the special things they like to do.  I mentioned that this will actually be one of the first years we are home Christmas morning.  For 37 of my 38 years I have been in Okeechobee for Christmas with my family.  My dad’s seven siblings, and three generations of the Ards all gather Christmas Eve.  Then my sisters, spouses and our children all stay at my parents’ house and we spend Christmas Day together.  This year will be a new experience for Paul and I being home. So just like our friend, I was listening and getting ideas for new traditions I may begin this year.

I thought about this conversation a lot the weeks following.  What would I do with my family this year?  Our traditions were changing.  How can we make this Christmas day super special even though it will be just our immediate family?  Then it hit me... Christmas is about the precious gift that God gave the world, Jesus Christ. Well, what do I believe is one of the greatest gifts I can give my family?  You know my answer to that question... a Blessing.  No matter what your family believes or celebrates this time of year, that is something I bet we all can agree on.

So here’s what we are going to do this Christmas as our nuclear family’s new tradition.  I will put our names in a small box.  Each of us will pull a name and then give that person a spoken Blessing.  Our young boys will just do the best they can with the words they have and it will be amazing. Then Paul and I will have the opportunity to remind our boys that they are special, that they have purpose, and that they are each a true gift. After all, if we’ve spent all this time and money shopping and wrapping and planning for gifts we will give them, how can we forget what is perhaps the most important gift a child can receive from their parents?

I ask you, can you incorporate the Blessing into your day on Tuesday?  Perhaps you do it before the other gifts are opened?  Or maybe you wait until all presents are unwrapped and then you share the best gift of all?  I believe that there is a reason why this is the year, after almost four decades, that I happen to be staying home for Christmas.  I believe that there is a reason why our friend asked that question during a Sunday lunch.  And I believe that you are reading this post right now for a reason... I believe so strongly that you need to give the Blessing to your family on Christmas Day.  I think the world needs a new Christmas tradition…  Let’s remind our children what a real gift is.  

My family will be praying for yours on Christmas day. We will pray that any fear or worry about speaking out loud will disapper. And that perhaps giving a Blessing on Christmas day turns into one the most special traditions your family has.  And it’s ok if you want to do it differently than I’m envisioning how I will.  Make it your own!  You know your family best.  If you are just recently joining this blog, here is where you need to begin so that you understand what a blessing is... (the beginning)

Please reach out if you have questions.  I’d be honored to help you prepare in any way that I can.  So for today, I wish you a Merry Christmas Adam! And that this holiday is the absolute best your family has ever had.  Paul and I sincerely hope that you will post or message us what beautiful moments you share with your family on Christmas Day.

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