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Paul & Kristin

We are obsessed with two things...crazy beautiful pictures and making our clients feel like we're family. Perhaps it's because Footstone IS a family business.  Paul and Kristin are a dynamic husband and wife team, each bringing incredible strengths to the table, as well an eye for the best shot possible.  Paul would say Kristin is the glue that holds our team together, and everyone else would agree with him.  Paul is the master of lighting and composition, and never fails to bring his own flair into everything he creates.

Our finesse for the dramatic and beautiful has made the Footstone style quite recognizable in the Gainesville area and even among the photography industry.  In addition to being highly trained in the technical side of photography, we believe our biggest strength is crafting your story through beautiful and emotional moments.  



Alyson & SALLY

To say we love and trust these girls would be a massive understatement.  We joke around the office that Alyson and Sally are Paul and Kristin reincarnated... You'll often find Sally and Kristin strategizing and dreaming about projects and events while Paul and Alyson plug their headphones in and get to creating beautiful art.  It's comical at times, but this is what makes our team so cohesive. 

Together, Alyson and Sally are a powerful and effective team. You won't find another duo that is as sweet (and sometimes sassy!) as these two.  Their grace and confidence makes it easy to see why our brides love them!